“…I am very happy to tell you that my order with all your fine products arrived today.
It was a pleasure to open it and think about your beautiful island and gentle St. .Lucian´s while unwrapping….
Thank you a lot for your fast and prompt delivery. Hope, I can use your service again when my stock is going to be empty again….Best regards from Germany”
             (C.H. Germany)

“Hi, I love your products and have been using them for a while.”                                                                                         (J.S. from UK)

“Thank you for your email and I am looking forward to receiving these amazing products!”                                                    (T.F. from UK)

"...I really loved working with your products..."                                                                                                                (K.M. from USA)

"I just got the sun blocks today and I am really impressed with the product, it's not greasy, or whitening.
You guys have done a great job. Most sunscreens are greasy and look like you have put Vaseline on your face, yours is a godsend. I will be ordering again soon."                                                                                                                             (
Phillip from Los Angeles, USA)

"I bought a lot of your sunscreen back with me, but I seem to have run out more quickly than anticipated (possibly due to the fact that I have passed on several bottles to friends!). Are you still able to ship to the UK?"                                                                  (Kim from Kent, UK)

"I love the Baby Sunshield you sent me in the mail. Are there any stores in the U.S. that carry this product?"       (Kim from New York, USA)

"When we were in St. Lucia we purchased several bottles of your sunscreen. We intended to keep one bottle for ourselves, but accidentally I gave them all away to our children and their families. Can you tell us where, here in the USA we can find that product? We were so impressed to be able to find a screen so pure and natural. Thanks for making such a wholesome product."                                     (E and J from USA)

"I am going to be ordering some of your repellent. We always use it in St Lucia but never remember to bring any home. It worked fantastic, not
a single bite after a whole day in the rain forest! Thanks!"                                                                                              (Michelle from USA)

"I just got the product today and I really like it, it's not greasy at all, and I loved the scent! Your delivery was faster than I thought it would be, I ordered something from inside the U.S. the same day and I received yours first!! Thanks for a great product     (S.K. from Coral Gables, USA)